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Payment types are used to identify clients that are invoiced on different billing cycles.



If you have a mixture of clients that are billed on different billing cycles (ie. weekly, monthly, "as and when required", "in advance of service", "at the end of service" etc.) you can use payment types to identify these different types of clients / billing cycles.


Identifying clients on different billing cycles becomes important when managing bulk scheduling and bulk invoicing processes.


Setting the Invoice Due Date

Payment types are also used to set a default invoice due date at the time of raising an invoice.


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Adding a Payment Type >

Learn how to add a payment type to be used to identify clients that are invoiced on different billing cycles.

Amending a Payment Type >

Should you wish to change the description of a payment type, you can see how to amend this.

Deleting a Payment Type >

If a payment type has not been used, it is possible to delete the payment type.

Where do I apply Payment Types? >

Payment types are added to client records according to the billing cycle and due date required for each client.


Setting a Default Due Date when Creating your Payment Type >

Payment types are also used to set a default invoice due date at the time of raising an invoice and these options are explained here.


Using Payment Types for Repeat Service Scheduling >

This section deals with how to create repeat services for a particular gorup of clients with a particular Payment Type (billing cycle).


Using Payment Types for Bulk Invoicing Clients with Different Billing Cycles >

This section shows you how to identify clients with a particular billing cycle (payment type) so that they can be invoiced separately.


One of my regular clients has a Payment Type of Monthly Invoiced but i want to change one of their invoices to have a different payment type. How do I do this? >

If you have a client that normally pays for their services at the end of the month, but then orders some boarding services for the summer, you might want to invoice those services in advance of service rather than at the end of service. One option to acheive this is to change the payment type for that one service order which will subsequently change the calculation of due date.



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