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Settings is divided into functional categories. Change the behaviour and functionality of Pet Sitter Plus using these various settings.


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Company Information >

Change company name, admin emails, address and phone number information and learn how to merge company information into documents and emails.


Company Logo >

Upload or change the logo that will appear on your invoices.


Date & Time Formats >

Set the format of dates and times entered or displayed in the system.


Tax Settings >

Set the type of tax that will be applied to invoices. For example VAT, Sales Tax, GST, HST etc. 


Invoicing Settings >

In this section you will find options to control;


  • Some of the information that appears on your invoices.

  • Some of the functionaility in Pet Sitter Plus that relates to invoicing.


Staff Access >

Grant access rights to different levels of functionaity and data for staff members. Also choose to operate in SITTERS mode or TEAMS mode.


Staff Dashboard >

A set of options where you can control how much information is displayed to staff in their staff schedule.


Staff Time Off >

A set of options around staff requesting time off through their staff interface.


Service Report Settings >

A variety of controls that govern functionality of your service reports that are sent to clients.

Staff Monitor Settings >

A set of options that govern if event notifications are triggered in the staff activity report.


Timecard Settings >

A set of options around time and travel recording for staff.

Client Portal Settings >

A variety of controls that govern functionality related to the client portal.


Currency Settings >

Set the currency used by the system and enable multi-currency.


Schedule Settings >

A variety of controls that govern functionality related to the schedule list view and column view.


Email Settings >

All the controls you need to operate email within Pet Sitter Plus, including connecting your personal or business email address to Pet Sitter Plus and send emails from Pet Sitter Plus via your chosen personal or business email and SMTP. Also setting a "default" email subject and or a default email template for a variety of different types of emails that are sent by Pet Sitter Plus.



Clear Account History >



It is designed to allow  clients to clear their systems of practice data before loading their live schedule.


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading scheduling and billing solution for Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Dog Day Care Centres and Kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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